What is Gaming metaverse and best investment opportunities in 2023

What is gaming metaverses? How to Invest in Gaming Metaverse crypto? Metaverse land price, how to buy land in Metaverse? What are Metaverse Coins? How to invest in Metaverse Coin? How to invest in Metaverse project? Top 5 gaming metaverse project to invest in? how to invest in metaverse in India? Metaverse investment opportunities, metaverse investment opportunity in India, how to invest in meta-Facebook?   

Disclaimer – Since you all know that our government is imposing a flat 30% tax on crypto profits. So, before investing a single penny you should research about that crypto project by reading their white paper. All investment made in crypto is highly risky.

Before directly jumping into investment opportunity in metaverse crypto project we should first understand what metaverse is and how does it affect our investment.

What is gaming metaverse?

Just like we play games on our phone gaming metaverses are play to earn like games.

There are some games on the phone in which you need to have internet connectivity and, in some games, you can play without having internet.  In play to earn like games you must buy the token of that gaming metaverse then only you can play in gaming metaverse.

what is gaming metaverse
what is gaming metaverse

Metaverse meaning in Hindi

In Hindi we can call metaverse as a “digital duniya”. to read it in hindi click on gaming metaverse.

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How to Invest in Gaming Metaverse crypto?

Just as I mentioned in the previous topic, to play these games you are required to have their respective tokens. You can invest and earn in 3 ways in these crypto projects.

  1. By playing their games you are rewarded with gaming NFTs which you can sell on different platforms and get return from your NFT, or you can stake your NFT on their platform for some duration for which you will be rewarded with fixed return just like bank give money if you do the fixed deposit.
  2. If you have believed in any gaming metaverse that it can explode in future, and many people will play their games on their platforms then you can buy the token/coin of that gaming project which will give you multi-fold return in future. For buying the token or coin of that gaming metaverse you can use different platforms.
  3. This method requires a lot of capital. Just like real estate you can buy virtual land and you can rent that property to some MNCs, or you can sell that property after appreciation in the price.

How to buy land in metaverse and metaverse land price

In games like decentraland and sandbox you can buy the land but to buy land on their platform you require their token or coin. Buying land on metaverse requires a large capital, not all can buy the land on metaverse but if you have the money then you can buy it now and later on you can rent that property or sell it after hike in the land price.

So, the question arises what is the price of the land on metaverse?

Those who bought at the start of this concept had already made a huge return from their investment, at least on paper. The price of smallest plot at beginning in sandbox and decentraland is as low as $1000 in Indian currency approx. 75000 INR and now that land is available at $13000. Its land price can go as high as $4 million.

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What are the metaverse coins?

These are basically the token or coin of that metaverse project. Like Decentraland and Sandbox is the metaverse project, MANA and SAND is the token/coin of that project respectively.

Just like we can buy the products from the currency this token/coin is the currency which you have to own if you want to buy something on their platform.

What is gaming metaverse
What is gaming metaverse

How to invest in metaverse coin?

There are different platforms available like CoinDCX, Coinswitch kuber, Wazirx, Binance, Vauld (in which you can do the fixed deposit of the token and earn monthly interest on it) in the market through which you can invest in respective token.

Investing in this new concept can give you multi-fold returns and at the same time can burn all your money. So, invest only that amount which you are ready to lose.

Example – if you invested INR 10,000 in MANA in November which was trading at around 444 and now it is trading at around 180 so, by now you are sitting at a loss of 60%.

Top 5 best gaming metaverse project to invest in 2023

Sl. No.Gaming metaverse project
4.Axie Infinity

How to invest in metaverse in India?

To buy the above cryptocurrency you can used different platform as I mention above in the article but to invest now in India is a big concern as Indian government imposed 30% flat tax on gains of profit made by selling of cryptocurrency and digital assets like NFT. Many small retail players have already left the market as reported by various online exchange platforms

Metaverse investment opportunities

Presently the only investment opportunity available is buying the token or coin and holding it for a certain period. Maybe as time passes by some change in regulation will happen, which most likely seems a dream to many small investors.

How to invest in meta-Facebook?

There are many players trying to come into the metaverse but there is no clear winner now. If you think that maybe in future Facebook can lead this game, you can buy the shares of meta-Facebook so that if by chance in future it can lead from front then your investment gives you multi-fold return.  

Metaverse meaning in Hindi

In Hindi we can call metaverse as a “digital duniya.”

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